Incident within the site of the BioMalta Campus

Reference is made to the incident that occurred earlier today at around noon within the site of the BioMalta Campus, where demolition and excavation works are currently ongoing.

Following initial investigations by the various parties, including an investigation led by the CPD-appointed expert, it is believed that the incident occurred when the excavator was taking out material from the site and possibly hit a sump full of waste in which gas had accumulated, with a small explosion taking place when the debris was removed.

All health and safety measures, including the erection of protective hoarding around the site, had been implemented and were in place at the time of the incident.

No-one has been injured or hurt.

All site activity was immediately shut down and remained so until the authorities gave their all clear.

The OHSA, the Executive Police, the CPD and the Bomb Disposal Unit have all been involved in the investigations, while Malta Enterprise, Malta Industrial Parks Limited and the contractor together with their health and safety personnel worked together with the authorities to solve this matter as soon as possible.

Malta Enterprise and Malta Industrial Parks Ltd would like to thank all those involved for their work and for ascertaining that no danger remained on site as a consequence of the incident.