ME delegations target Germany, Italy & Tunisia

Malta Enterprise is currently receiving applications from enterprises interested in taking part in business delegations which it shall be leading to Milan in Italy, Tunis in Tunisia, as well as Cologne and Munich in Germany in the coming months.

The three separate business delegations form part of Malta Enterprise's calendar of internationalisation events, through which the Corporation assists enterprises based in Malta seek business leads in foreign markets and internationalise their operations whilst also promoting Malta as an ideal trade and investment location.

The advantages of internationalisation for companies are various, from the possibility of reducing their dependency on their home market, to the opportunity of growing the business and opening up to innovations in the target markets.

With Italy being one of Malta's major economic partners both in terms of trade and investment - also thanks to the two countries' geographic and historical proximity - the business delegation to Milan scheduled to take place between May 21st and 24th is envisaged to strengthen existing commercial ties whilst helping in the development of new opportunities.

The focus on Milan has been determined by the fact that the Lombardy region is one of the main motors of the Italian economy, contributing more than one fifth of the entire country's GDP.

As the region is seeking to come out of the economic crisis which has hit Italy harder than other major economies, sectors such as mechanical and precision engineering, electronics and ICT, education and training, financial and professional services, renewable energy, food and beverages, as well as travel and tourism are presenting various business opportunities.

Similar sectors are also being targeted by the business delegation to Tunis, which is scheduled to take place between June 13th and 17th. Transport and logistics, as well as construction and related services are also promising areas for business opportunities.

The business delegation to Tunis will be the third one to be held since last year's revolution, which led to radical changes in the country and its business environment. Participants will also have the opportunity to do further networking whilst visiting the Tunisia Investment Forum and the Tunis-Medindustrie Fair, coinciding with the dates of the visit to Tunis.

An incoming delegation to Malta and various institutional delegations were also held as part of the initiatives the two neighbouring countries are taking to strengthen their commercial ties, with positive results being registered so far.

Following the successful visit to Dusseldorf and Berlin last year, the business delegation to Germany will be visiting the cities of Cologne and Munich in the first week of July. Besides being the strongest economy in the EU and one of the strongest worldwide, Germany is leading the way in the efforts for Europe's economic recovery.

Malta and Germany also have a long standing commercial relationship, as evidenced by the fact that in the past years it was the market towards which Maltese companies exported most goods as well as the strong presence of German companies which have chosen to set up their operations in Malta and flourished in its business-friendly environment.

As part of its assistance, Malta Enterprise will endeavour to set up one-to-one meetings for each participating enterprise through its network of business support organisations.

Moreover, the Corporation may cover part of the costs for one representative of each participating company, reimbursing 60 per cent of the cost of an economy flight ticket and providing a per diem allowance.

Further information may be obtained by contacting the Internationalisation Unit within Malta Enterprise on telephone 2542 0000 or via email on [email protected].