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Malta Enterprise launches the Blue Med – a focal point for sustainable blue economy.

Malta Enterprise launched the Blue Med, a new initiative focusing on assisting businesses to develop further the blue economic potential in Malta.

Incorporated within the organisational structure of Malta Enterprise, the Blue

Med specifically targets local and international disruptors and innovators, in emerging blue economic niches. At the same time, it supports and assists traditional blue economic sectors in embracing innovative business solutions, making their business operation more sustainable in the long run.

The Critical Raw Materials Act: Towards ‘Open Strategic Autonomy’ in Europe’s Industrial Policy

Similar to other global players, the European economy and its future development depend greatly on what are known as Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) particularly in view of the digital and sustainability transition to Net Zero by 2050. This is due to their strategic and economic importance in an array of industrial sectors such as; aerospace, defence, digital including clean tech for the energy sector and transportation. These aim to ensure the sustainable functioning of the European economy through the dual digital and carbon reduction transformation.

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