Get Qualified 2014 - 2020

Get Qualified is an initiative that supports the personal development of individuals for the achievement of qualifications and certifications required by industry. The incentive is applicable to individuals following a course of studies leading to a certification, diploma, degree or post-graduate degree courses. Upon successful completion the student will benefit from a tax credit thus recovering part of the costs incurred.

Students following courses approved by Malta Enterprise are granted tax credits on the following costs:

  • fees paid by the individual to the university, institution or other entity recognized by Malta Enterprise for the training and educational services leading to the approved qualification.

  • fees for sitting for examinations required to achieve the approved qualification.

Students are reminded that their application should be submitted in accordance with the Incentive Guidelines.

Applying for Support 

Get Qualified Scheme is managed through an online system.  Students should consult the list of approved courses which can be downloaded by clicking here

Students may either opt to register themselves by accessing the portal by clicking here or through an institute (if applicable).

Once registered students will receive a username and password enabling them to access the online system and submit their application.   Students are reminded that following registration they are still required to submit their application in line with the Incenitve Guidelines.

Students following a course which is not listed should fill the application for the course to be considered for eligibility under scheme.

For further information or assistance contact Business First on 144.