Technical workshop highlights support for R&D

Malta Enterprise held a technical workshop focusing on Research and Development (R&D) and how the various incentives the corporation provides can support companies embark on R&D activities.

During the workshop, which was held in collaboration with PwC, representatives from Malta Enterprise explained what constitutes research from the corporation’s perspective and also outlined the process to apply for the support measures provided by Malta Enterprise. This was followed by detailed insight on what measures are available, with practical examples on how potential applicants can mix the support measures to maximise on assistance and cover as much expenses as possible. On their part, the PwC representatives elaborated further on the utilisation and reporting of the fiscal measures available under the Income Tax Act.

The workshop closed off with a panel discussion between representatives from Malta Enterprise, the University of Malta, Malta’s National Contact Point for the EUREKA network, and PwC, with the latter acting as moderator for the discussion.