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RELOS3: Successful deployment of the Smart Specialization Strategies

Malta Enterprise hosted policy players from six countries - namely Estonia, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Malta - for meetings in relation to the RELOS3 project, an EU-funded initiative focusing on implementing regional Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3) in a local context by actively involving local authorities, innovation actors and companies.

Partners had the opportunity to exchange findings and analyse similar or complementary smart specialisations with the ultimate aim of further stimulating innovation in EU regions.

Most of the partner’s specialisations are connected to industrial systems, advanced manufacturing, applied industrial design and ICT. RELOS3 is a unique opportunity to develop and contrast local RIS3 strategies. The findings will contribute to improve ERDF Operational Programme with priority investments dedicated to RIS3 deployment and therefore to promote delivery of innovation.

The partners will achieve the Project's objectives by:

  • Demonstrating the importance of the role of local authorities' involvement in the RIS3 strategies implementation;
  • Analysing the partners current situation by elaborating a detailed baseline and final study, including an evaluation survey and collection of good pratices;
  • Producing RAPs on the basis of the transnational exchange and co-produced with the support of Local Stakeholder Groups;
  • Involving the policy owners and the relevant local/regional actors and make them work together as a “local stakeholder group”; and
  • Undertaking capacity building activities for policy owners, policy makers and relevant stakeholders.