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Construction Industry Scheme

The scheme will assist operators in the construction industry to scrap and replace old machinery and/or equipment with new machinery and/or equipment that generates less environmentally harmful emissions and to invest in new equipment that has the sole purpose of reducing the environmentally harmful emissions released by the activity. The scheme will help operators in the industry to replace ageing machinery and/or equipment which is still in operation with new modern machinery and /or equipment which is more efficient and has a lower impact on the environment. Financial assistance will be awarded to eligible underakings in the form of a cash grant. 

Since the amount of aid requested has exceeded the budget allocated to the Construction Industry Scheme, Malta Enterprise has stopped receiving applications for support through the scheme as of today Tuesday 12th January, 2021. The applications received will be evaluated over the coming weeks in line with the Incentive Guidelines. 

Claim forms should be submitted to [email protected]