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Support Measures and Other Services

In order to help our clients further improve their competitive edge, Malta Enterprise has developed various incentives for the promotion and expansion of industry and the development of innovative enterprises.

Malta Enterprise provides incentives for enterprises demonstrating commitment towards growth, an increase in value added and employment. Enterprises engaged in manufacturing, ICT development activities, call centers, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, aviation and maritime services, education and training, logistics and more may benefit from these incentives.

Support for Business Development and Transformation

The Business Development Scheme aims to facilitate value-added projects, including new business initiatives, start-up, expansions and transformation activities that contribute to the regional development of Malta.    


Family Businesses should plan a smooth transition for succession to retain the status of a family business.  These plans should be as holistic as possible and should cover issues such as ultimate ownership, financial management, and governance.  The Family Business Act provides a framework to support businesses that fall within the definition of a Family Business in their planning for succession and an effective transfer of ownership. The legislation establishes operational benchmarks so that Family Businesses can further achieve their aims. Malta Enterprise, further supports this process through the Family Business Grant by providing part financing of advisory and mediation services required by Family Businesses towards facilitation and planning of succession.

GET QUALIFIED is an initiative that supports the personal development of individuals for the achievement of qualifications and certifications required by industry. The incentive is applicable to individuals following a course of studies leading to a certification, diploma, degree or post-graduate degree courses. Upon successful completion the student will benefit from a tax credit enabling them to recover part of the costs incurred.

The Green Mobility Scheme shall support the transition to more sustainable transportation by accelerating the uptake of electric vehicles used in business for the transportation of goods and people, by supporting investment in recharging infrastructure required for vehicles which are an integral part of a business activity. The scheme shall also support leasing of clean or zero-emission vehicles.

The scheme facilitates access to expertise and the generation of new knowledge towards accelerating innovation, enhancing business performance and driving competitive advantage through engagement of highly qualified personnel, and access to innovation advisory and support services.

Sustaining the regional industrial and economic development of Malta by facilitating initial investments resulting in the setting up of new establishments, the extension of the capacity of existing establishments, diversification of existing businesses, or a fundamental change in an overall process,  amongst other activities.

This measure facilitates employment of non-residents in roles which are currently not addressed by the local labour market by temporarily easing the tax expenses incurred by such individuals through a fiscal incentive. Potential beneficiaries may contact Business 1st on 144 for guidance and information about this measure.

The Rent Subsidy aims to support businesses engaged in industrial activities, that require industrial space for starting a new business, expand or diversify operations or optimise supply chains. The support subsidises rental of private industrial premises required for long term development strategies and also short-term rentals to address specific requirements.

These guidelines provide a framework for individuals seeking a determination of eligibility for the option provided by S.L Repatriation of Persons Established in a Field of Excellence Rules, as Subsidiary Legislation to the Income Tax Act (CAP. 123) of the Laws of Malta.

Through the Skills Development scheme business undertakings may be supported to provide training with the scope of developing and updating the skills and knowledge of their workforce thus aiding them to perform more effectively.

Malta Enterprise will be supporting licensed operators in the Tourism and Hospitality sector, in ensuring that their staff have the necessary basic requirements to retain their employment and continue working in the sector.

The Smart and Sustainable Investment Grant provides business funding to support investments that lead to more sustainable processes. These investments are expected to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprises through the optimisation of the use of resources in their activities.

In the budget speech for 2018, a measure was announced which provides for a tax benefit to individuals who were not yet forty years of age on the date of the commencement of the course, and who graduate with a PhD, Masters Degree or Postgraduate Diploma (minimum 60 credits) (MQF level 8 or 7).