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Experience the brilliance – Networking event at Dubai Expo for Maltese companies

The Dubai 2020 World Expo Brokerage Event, organised from 22nd to 26th January 2022, is an international business meeting opportunity for Maltese entrepreneurs to schedule individual meetings and generate new business leads with international companies. Enterprise Europe Network Malta invites and welcomes Maltese entrepreneurs to this extraordinary and remarkable event.

Organised over 4 days, the brokerage event will be packed with networking opportunities, thematic seminars, visits to companies / special economic zones and international business meetings at its core. With 70% of Expo 2020’s visitors anticipating to come from outside of the UAE, this initiative represents an ideal opportunity for European SMEs and companies from other countries to create new business leads and to enrich their global reach.

The aim and purpose of the event is:

  • To help SMEs and innovative start-ups explore the Middle Eastern market and foster international partnership bonds.
  • To leverage the international dimension of the World Expo by federating concrete market opportunities and gathering the business community from all over the world through the organisation of tailored and high-quality business meetings.

The brokerage event is open to SMEs, innovative start-ups, multinational companies, research institutes, tech parks and important economic players. This matchmaking event is for businesses looking to scale and grow their products or services through new collaborations and partnerships, finding technical expertise or expanding into new areas of business. It will enable Maltese participants to select, meet and showcase their business or expertise to other participants during private one-to-one 20-minute meetings with international entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs operating in the sustainability and digitalisation sectors, including ICT, mobility, renewable energy as well as logistics could benefit from participating in this networking event. It presents companies with innovative prospects to tap new markets and find potential business partners for cooperation purposes and the creation of sustainable networks at an international scale.

Entrepreneurs who would like to learn more are encouraged to contact local advisers from Malta Enterprise on [email protected] or [email protected]

For registration and further information kindly visit

This event is being co-organised by Malta Enterprise, the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry and Trade Malta.