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Malta Enterprise organised a kick-off workshop with players from the semiconductors sector and academia to discuss the setting up of a Competence Centre

Malta Enterprise organised a kick-off workshop with players from the semiconductors sector and academia to discuss the setting up of a Competence Centre. This  sought to explore how players in the local eco-system can synergies together in this realm and to gauge better how to maximise the opportunities under the Chips Act The initiative which brought together leaders from across the semiconductor community, including businesses of various sizes and academia were given space to interact and voice out their reflections on the setting up of a competence centre.

Gozo-based international collaboration develops first ChatBot of its kind in Maltese

An international collaboration with offices at the Gozo Innovation Hub is developing a conversational chatbot in the Maltese language to be used in the banking, finance and insurance, and investments services sectors. The strategic partnership in this ground-breaking AI project will see the advanced ChatBot communicating with customers in the financial services sector, providing customer care support in Maltese. In fact, the Maltese language will be the first to be rolled-out, whilst other languages will follow.

The NZIA – EU’s plan for industrial climate neutrality

The recent forest fires in the Mediterranean and the erratic weather conditions have clearly indicated that globally, we are in a climate emergency. This has economic, social and environmental ramifications. Furthermore, geopolitical tensions, a shortage of critical resources, China’s and the United States’ advancements in Clean Tech are further pushing up Europe’s agenda to invest more in its industrial policy based on open strategic autonomy.

Launch of stakeholder consultation for Malta Startup Framework

Today Malta Enterprise has launched a stakeholder consultation process for a national Malta Startup Framework

With this strategy we want to create a framework that is really designed to cater exclusively for the needs of start-ups. This continues to reinforce the strong commitment that Government and Malta Enterprise have towards start-ups.

Malta Enterprise launches the Blue Med – a focal point for sustainable blue economy.

Malta Enterprise launched the Blue Med, a new initiative focusing on assisting businesses to develop further the blue economic potential in Malta.

Incorporated within the organisational structure of Malta Enterprise, the Blue

Med specifically targets local and international disruptors and innovators, in emerging blue economic niches. At the same time, it supports and assists traditional blue economic sectors in embracing innovative business solutions, making their business operation more sustainable in the long run.

The Critical Raw Materials Act: Towards ‘Open Strategic Autonomy’ in Europe’s Industrial Policy

Similar to other global players, the European economy and its future development depend greatly on what are known as Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) particularly in view of the digital and sustainability transition to Net Zero by 2050. This is due to their strategic and economic importance in an array of industrial sectors such as; aerospace, defence, digital including clean tech for the energy sector and transportation. These aim to ensure the sustainable functioning of the European economy through the dual digital and carbon reduction transformation.

Malta Enterprise extends the Skills Development Scheme

Scheme aimed at supporting a knowledge-based workforce

Malta Enterprise has extended its Skills Development Scheme, a programme designed to boost skills and drive growth in Malta’s business sector. 

This new support for businesses was launched by Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli and Malta Enterprise Chairperson William Wait, during a presentation about the scheme by the corporation’s CEO Kurt Farrugia.

New EU Measure to reduce Industry's packaging waste

Photo Credits - Chris Sant Fournier

The growth of a low-carbon circular economy has been impeded in recent years by rising packaging usage and low rates of recycling and reuse. In response, the European Commission will be repealing the current Directive on Packaging & Packaging Waste 94/62/EC and will replace it with a new regulation requiring member states to reduce packaging waste by five per cent by 2030 and 15 per cent by 2040, compared to 2018 levels.