Gateway to Export training kicks off

Twenty-one entrepreneurs from a multitude of sectors in both the manufacturing and services industries have started training on export management as part of the assistance that is being provided by Malta Enterprise through its Gateway to Export programme.

The training programme, which is being delivered by the Malta Institute of Management, is specifically aimed at micro enterprises and SMEs and is structured in such a manner so as to give them the knowledge and skills they require to go global and succeed in their endeavours.

Spread over a ten-week period, the comprehensive course will provide opportunities for personnel training with a focus on international business development and exportation. It is based on a series of workshops and training sessions that will help the enterprise familiarise itself with the requisites expected by an export market and be compliant with international standards required and expected to sustain such international trade.

Training is split in separate modules with subjects including orientation in international trade, export units, international transport and ICT in exporting. Additionally, the course will also include information on the exporting process from perspectives such as finance and risk, marketing tools, procedures and practices, as well as the legal aspect.

The final sessions will take a more practical dimension and will comprise presentations by representatives of companies who have been exporting for some time - with whom the participants will be able to debate and discuss the exporting experience - as well as a visit to an established exporting company where they will be able to see with their own eyes how the exporting process is carried out.

Those enterprises that successfully complete the course shall not only be awarded a Certificate in Export Management, but more importantly they should also gain the know-how and confidence to excel internationally.

As part of the Gateway to Export programme, participants will also be assisted in drawing up a Preparation and Implementation Plan for Export, through which process they can ascertain whether they are export ready and able to tap into new markets overseas.

The applicants will eventually also be assisted to venture into new markets with the acquired competencies, whilst they would be given further support through existing schemes and grants administered by Malta Enterprise that seek to encourage and facilitate internationalisation.

Amongst others, these include assistance to participate in events such as specialised fairs, trade missions, brokerage events and networking, through which the enterprises would be able to make the first steps into a new market.

The first training course was oversubscribed and thus Malta Enterprise is already planning a second run to cater for the demand of the local entrepreneurs wishing to expand their business abroad.

For further information on the Gateway to Export programme or to register your interest for the second training course which is envisaged to take place in the coming year contact the Internationalisation Unit at Malta Enterprise by calling 2542 0000 or via email on [email protected].