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ERDF International Competitiveness Grant Scheme (Closed Measure)

This international competitiveness incentive supports enterprises in establish a new markets.

This support provided should facilitate enterprises in extend their activities to new markets or in introducing new services or products in an established market. This will assist enterprises in reducing their dependence on the local market and facilitate the exploration of inter-regional cooperation opportunities by reducing the risk involved in expanding into new markets.

The ERDF International Competitiveness Grant Scheme will part-finance up to 50% of costs incurred for:

  • Translation Services from and to the language(s) of the target market.
  • Development of a Brand Strategy and Brand Guidelines supporting the branding strategy. 
  • Development and Design of branding material in the language of the target market. 
  • Active participation in trade fairs relevant to the target market.
  • Wage costs of a newly employed business development manager who will support initiatives aimed at developing the designated market or brand.

List of Beneficiaries


Incentive Notes: 

This incentive is managed through a competitive call for further details please visit the website: